Service Centers

Delivering Excellence.

We’ve toured every steel mill in the country and built technological support systems more effective than any other in the industry. Today, we have a presence in more strategic locations than ever before. Your flat-rolled steel has never been so efficient.


If you had to plant a barge full of steel somewhere, where would you choose? In 1977, Pacesetter Founder and current COO Steve Leebow decided Houston was the perfect spot. He was right. What began as four guys, a Corona typewriter, and an 18,000 square foot building has grown significantly over the years. Houston has rail access and has been located in Northwood’s Industrial Park for 33 years.

Fun fact: Our last Houston Service Center Manager is the second longest tenured Associate (38 years) and is the only Pacesetter Associate to have worked for all 3 Service Centers and the Corporate Office.



Located just down the highway from our World Headquarters, our Atlanta service center was the first location to begin processing steel for Pacesetter. The center doubled in size in 1982 and then added an additional 60,000 square feet in 1997. Rail access was established in 2004. In addition to servicing our customers, the center is often used for Pacesetter events including BBQ’s, family parties and even the occasional volleyball game.

Fun fact: The two most tenured associates in our Atlanta service center have 65 years of service.


Since 1989, just south of the great city of Chicago along highway 394, the side of our building proudly displays our company logo. Housed in this building is a seasoned and dedicated team of associates with an average of 19 years of Pacesetter experience. This tenure allows us to operate with incredible efficiency . We can re-adjust at the drop of a hat, and often to the benefit of our customers’ bottom-line. Take a look next time you’re driving down 394, you can’t miss it.

Fun fact: We opened our first location in the Chicago area in 1980 in East Chicago, Illinois in only 10,000 square feet. Today we have grown to 120,000 square feet.