Opportunity and Creativity Go Hand-in-Hand

As a company that’s entrepreneurial in its approach to business, Pacesetter knows that the right team makes all the difference in the success or failure of any venture.

This applies to our associates as well as business partners. Our company, for instance, relies on partners and associates to do the best work possible.

But, how  do you get the most out of a team? Set it up so that each individual associate can excel at their job. Here’s how we do it.

1. Hiring the right people

The process starts, of course, by hiring great people. When hiring, we look for a combination of skill and character — people that are smart, curious, hungry and honest. But, that’s not enough in and of itself to stimulate a business. If you box associates into one responsibility, they won’t show their potential — they will do what they are asked and not much more.

The right hires want to grow with the company, either by taking on new responsibilities in the role they start with or by  changing roles.

2. Giving associates opportunity for growth

At Pacesetter, we work to give every associate plenty of opportunity, and then see how far they can go. This does require they have the support they need and that the paths of communication are open- including open door policies at the senior management level. We encourage associates to brainstorm and, once they have a plan, make sure they have the practical things they need (correct training, new software, maybe, or even an airplane ticket) and know which of their team members  are going to back them up. Trust and teamwork  are  mandatory!

3. Involving and listening to every associate

If there’s a challenge, or opportunity, the company is facing, we actively solicit ideas from the whole team. We don’t want anyone to have a great solution and keep it to themselves just because “it’s not in my job description.” It is an expectation of each Pacesetter associate to share these solutions.

Fair warning, though: this out-of-the-box approach also means there will be stumbling blocks and even a few failures. It’s important to learn to tolerate mistakes and help find ways to overcome challenges and improve. As long, of course, as the mistakes aren’t constant and the company isn’t at risk!

By giving all of our associates creative responsibility and allowing them to prove themselves, each person enhances the whole company. When every team member has the freedom to explore new ideas and  recommend new proposals, it helps the business grow and flourish.

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