Business and commerce go hand in hand, so in one way or another, all companies service a customer. While there is no denying that the quality of your product is crucial, there is no limit to the importance of servicing your customer. In order for a business to stand out among the crowd, it must emphasize on creating an exceptional experience for its customers.

At Pacesetter, we believe servicing the customer is of utmost importance. So much so that one of our core “Pacesetter Ways” is Commit to the Ultimate Customer Experience. This affects how we handle our decisions in the workplace, especially when it comes to interacting with customers. This “way” is revisited frequently so that it becomes more than just a value, but a guideline.

The Ultimate Customer Experience begins by recognizing that there is always room for improvement. This means optimizing every exchange your business comes in contact with.

Below are several tips that may help in creating your own Ultimate Customer Experience.


Be an expert

Expertise is one of the most paramount fundamentals in order to create the Ultimate Customer Experience. Your customer is putting trust in you to meet their needs above everyone else. This begins with knowing your product inside and out and being able to address any questions or concerns the customer has with ease.


Get to know your customers

Getting to know your customer is the only way to form a genuine lasting relationship with them. Be persistent in researching and investing in your customer. Understand their background and their strengths and weaknesses. Go over and beyond to recognize the customer’s needs, even when they cannot convey them.


Be respectful

Respect is the foundation of every strong relationship. Respecting your customer can be as easy as listening to them and valuing what they have to say. Providing the Ultimate Customer Experience should always make the customer feel respected rather than unappreciated and misheard.


Tailor your services

Never treat your customers as if they are all the same. Every customer should be regarded as unique and treated as such. One way to show your customers that you are willing to go over and beyond to meet their expectations is to offer flexible services and pricing options. By tailoring to your customer’s exact requests, you will never have to say “no” and cause them to doubt if you can handle their needs.


Give more than your competitors

There is no room for mediocrity in today’s competitive economy. One of the greatest assets you can possess in our industry is standing out amongst the crowd. A great way for a business to gain the upper hand is by studying their competitors and offering above and beyond what they do. For example, at Pacesetter we are more than a steel company. We act as advisors for our customers on every level, which in the end benefits both parties.


Get feedback — and give it!

It’s difficult to judge whether you are offering the Ultimate Customer Service. A great way to discover if you are best servicing your customer is to ask for feedback and ask for it often! Even though it may be intimidating to be open yourself to critique, it is the only true way to learn where your business is thriving and where there is room to improve. It’s hard to address a problem if you don’t know what the problem is! Good or bad, view feedback as an opportunity for growth. Be open to what your customers have to say and adjust your approach appropriately.


Remember feedback goes both ways. Give honest feedback to your customers about your perceptions. Compliment them when appropriate and help suggest ways they could improve. Viewing feedback as a two-way street can help boost your relationship, strengthen your trust, and – ultimately – create the best customer experience yet.

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