As Thanksgiving approaches people seem to divide into two camps. Some try harder than usual to find reasons to be thankful while others seem to sink under holiday stress.

At Pacesetter we try to stick to the first camp, and help our associates do the same. Gratitude in the workplace, of course, isn’t just for the holiday season. With a little effort it can be year-round.

Here are a few ways to inspire gratitude in the workplace.

Say Thanks!

Just because doing the job is the job, (the activity that earns a paycheck) doesn’t mean people shouldn’t be thanked for their efforts. In fact, in today’s culture, when common courtesy seems to have flown out the window, it’s more important than ever to say, “thank-you.”

It means a lot to have colleagues and managers notice the work that’s done, so make sure associates (and managers) know their efforts are appreciated.

Meetings are a Chance to Pump Up Positivity

Meetings are inevitable and necessary, but they are also a great time to work on gratitude. Instead of opening with a monologue about the new software updates, or the need to hit end-of-year goals, try going around the table and asking each associate to share something happy, something they’re proud of or thankful for.

This allows people to focus on the good and the possible, rather than sit and be silently stressed about work challenges. Yes, there are always things to be concerned about but leading with positives sets a much better tone for the meeting.

Be Generous

There are two things that everyone, from the CEO to the newest hire, often needs more of: time and money. Top leadership and even mid-level managers can work on the making sure that the corporate culture supports things like flexible scheduling, bonuses and generous time-off policies.

Giving more of these two things, time and money will pay off ten times over when associates feel that they are the recipients of generosity. The more people receive, the more they can give back.

Actually Give Back, to the Wider Community

Multiple studies have shown the positive effects of giving. Giving back makes people feel good, can change their world view from glass-half-empty to glass-half-full, and when one person gives it often inspires gratitude and a desire to give in others.

At Pacesetter, we participate in multiple ways to give back throughout the year.  We give donations to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Susan G. Komen foundation, United Way and many others.  Pacesetter also encourages their associates to volunteer their time to give back to their own communities, including charity events, community involvement and philanthropic endeavors.  

Taking the time to create gratitude in the workplace is well worth the effort. Stronger teams, happier associates and a focus on common courtesy all make for a better workplace, for everyone.

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