[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]I am incredibly honored to have this opportunity. The opportunity to lead, team and partner with so many great people to take our company and yours into the future.

I thank our Associates for their unbridled dedication and commitment, our suppliers for teaming with us to service our customers with excellence and our customers for their support over the past 37 years. It is those that we partner with that challenge us to be better everyday. Thank you for making our company better.

I especially want to thank my parents for having a dream 37 years ago and rather than deciding it was going to be too difficult or impossible, they dedicated their lives to it. Without that dream or that vision Pacesetter would not be here today. We wouldn’t have the opportunity to continue building off of what they started.

The only constant at Pacesetter is change. The world is changing around us and we must be the innovator and innovate we will do. This means more structure, process improvement and ongoing technological advances. The future is ours to shape and create. It is what we imagine and innovate. If we can imagine it and envision that it can exist, then we can create it. And we at Pacesetter will. As we will be focused on a shared vision, we will make it happen.

Aviva Leebow
Chief Executive Officer
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