This year Pacesetter celebrates 40 years of business, and what a 40 years it has been! When the company began in 1977, it was a different world. A lot has changed — the use of advanced technology, for starters — and a lot has stayed the same. We are, as then, a family company that is built on the principles of caring, sharing and giving. We seek to delight our customers with every interaction and be true partners with those whom with we do business. And our associates are still very much our advantage. We would not have gotten four decades, let alone one, without our associates commitment as well as that of our customer and supplier partners.

So today, as we look forward to the bright years ahead at Pacesetter, we also look back with fondness on our formative years as Pacesetter Steel Services Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia. But there’s more to Pacesetter’s story than even the last 40 years. Without decades of passion and hard work even prior to 1977, Pacesetter would not be what it is today.

How did it all begin?

It started in the 1930s with my grandfather, Murray Herman. In Jersey City, NJ, he manufactured six foot long metal tape measures, flash lights worn on your wrists providing full use of your hands, and most importantly, razor blades under the brand new name Berkeley.

In 1938, Berkeley ran two page centerfold ads in the New York Times. They were the fourth largest selling razor blade company in the country behind Gillette, Schick, and Wilkinson Sword. Moving forward to the late forties and early fifties, my father, Al Leebow started designing, patenting and producing various closet organizers to create additional closest spaces. For advertising purposes Al created a mascot of the closet space savers, the mascot was a panda bear. Why a panda bear?!? The panda bear showed you to “x-panda” your closet. Remember that this was seventy years ago. These products included floor and door shoe racks, vertically hung skirt hangers, pants hangers, tie racks, and so many other space savers.

That’s a brief summary of how it all began!

What’s happened next? Stay tuned for more insight on our company’s storied foundation on the Pacesetter blog.

See below for a gallery of pictures from 40th Anniversary events from our HQ and service centers:

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