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We think teams change the world, while departments tend to maintain the status quo.

That’s why we employ the best and brightest in our industry and insist on a culture of talent, optimism and a winning attitude; because we’re a team of innovators.

Our customers and suppliers are on the team too; it’s on their behalf that we seek innovation. We travel the world building relationships with our producers. We’ve toured every steel mill in the country and built technological support systems more effective than any other in the industry.

Pacesetter is proud to be led by the best and brightest in the industry.


Aviva Leebow Wolmer

Chief Executive Officer
Aviva Leebow Wolmer has been a transformative and commanding force during her tenure of leadership at Pacesetter. Initially, Aviva was responsible for creating “Pacesetter University,” before transitioning first to Vice President for People and subsequently Executive Vice President – a role responsible for the company’s corporate, profitable growth.

From day one at Pacesetter, an immediate impact was felt when Aviva personally interviewed all 150+ associates. Aviva knows that it’s the people who drive the business and understanding their needs and ideas for the organization was the first most important step she could take in driving true innovation.

Aviva also knew that the first question asked by all, upon her promotion to CEO, would be “Where is the company going?” On September 16, 2014, she immediately released the Vivid Vision as she accepted her new role as CEO. This document continues to inspire and direct a culture shift within the organization. Under Aviva’s dedication to innovation, partnership and personal fulfillment in the workplace, departmental boundaries no longer exist and she has ignited inspiration, creativity, enthusiasm, and collaboration throughout the entire organization.

Aviva routinely travels to Pacesetter’s Service Centers in Atlanta, Chicago, and Houston in an ongoing effort to promote continuous improvement and remain close with Associates from the factory floor to the boardroom.

Aviva is aggressively working to break down the perception that steel is an antiquated industry and replace it with her vision of a vibrant, technology-driven cornerstone of American manufacturing.

Aviva is also personally committed to issues affecting the local community. Her leadership in breast cancer awareness continues to have far-reaching impact in Atlanta. She is currently organizing and participating in the 3rd Pacesetter Team – Big Ol’ Shanty’s Susan G. Komen 3-Day walk. Last year the team raised $50,000.00 for the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Aviva became a Pacesetter Team Member in July 2010 after graduating from the University of Baltimore Law School magna cum laude.
Aviva and her husband Michael live in Smyrna, GA with their dog Violet. Together you can find them traveling, cooking or on an adventure such as skydiving.

Steve Leebow

Steve Leebow

Chief Consulting Officer and Founder

Pacesetter founder Steve Leebow grew up in the steel business working for his family's steel distribution company. In 1977, Steve moved from New Jersey to Atlanta, where he founded Pacesetter Steel Service, Inc.

Steve’s initial vision for Pacesetter was small. He wanted to provide for his family. He established the operation’s foundation of strong work ethics, a focus on customers, and teamwork. These three values and its ongoing focus on people enabled the company to grow very rapidly. He quickly realized that family was a broader term and encompassed the Pacesetter Associates that he teamed with daily to grow both the business itself and his vision of what they could accomplish.

Steve is a visionary and remains immersed in the operations of Pacesetter, with an immeasurable passion and drive to grow the business he started over three decades ago.

On any given day you can find Steve collaborating and working with associates from all areas of the company and sharing his vast knowledge. In 2009, Steve was the recipient of Pacesetter’s most prestigious award, the Corporate Office P.A.C.E. Award.

Steve is a graduate of The Ohio State University, and continues to express his Buckeye pride on a daily basis. Steve is involved with the community and has taken part in building homes, raising funds, and supporting Pacesetter’s Big Ol’ Shanty’s during the Susan G Komen 3-Day.

Steve and Bobbi reside in Atlanta, GA. Steve enjoys watching The Buckeyes, Braves and Falcons as well as spending time with his family and traveling.

Bobbi Leebow

Bobbi Leebow

Chairwoman of the Board and Co-Founder

Bobbi Leebow was appointed Chairwoman of the Board of Pacesetter by the Board of Directors in early 2014. She has been involved with Pacesetter in various capacities since its inception in 1977 and shares the passion and drive for the success and growth of the business. Bobbi’s forward thinking ideas and creativity bring significant value to the organization.

Bobbi is a graduate of The Ohio State University. In addition to her continued involvement at Pacesetter, she has been significantly involved in servicing the community. Throughout the years, she has supported many local organizations, most notably her commitment to the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America, chairing one of their largest fundraisers, the Fire and Ice Ball. Bobbi loves traveling and spending time with Steve, her kids and grandkids.

Jon Rapaport

Jon Rapaport

Chief Financial Officer

Jon began with Pacesetter in 1983 as the company's controller. During the company's formative years, Jon single-handedly migrated the company from paper to digital accounting, and went on to spearhead a variety of financial and business initiatives. Jon has been Pacesetter's Chief Financial Officer since 1995.

Jon understands every aspect of Pacesetter’s business from the ground up and doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty along the way. Jon spent countless hours overseeing a team that researched, purchased and created the implementation of our two ERP systems. His diligence has insured that Pacesetter remained at the forefront of our industry through innovation and technology.

Jon is involved in the day-to-day operations, while insuring trust that those he leads have the full capability of handling any task thrown their direction. Those areas he now oversees are the Accounts Payable Area, the Accounts Receivable Area, the IT Area and the Facilities Area.

He is the consummate communicator when it comes to Pacesetter’s financial growth and educating associates on how they can affect the various components of our profitability. He has been a leader to not only those associates that report to him directly, but to the organization as a whole. He is our go-to guy! It is not unusual to overhear someone say “What Would Jon Do?”

In 2001, Jon Rapaport was the recipient of Pacesetter’s most prestigious award, the Corporate Office P.A.C.E. Award. He is now the Chairman of the P.A.C.E. Award Committee, which is the team of associates that works each year in the selection process.

Jon and his wife Cheryl reside in Woodstock, GA and enjoy spending time with their kids and grandkids.

Gary Roberts

Gary Roberts

Vice President of Procurement

Gary joined Pacesetter as an analyst in 1997 and has served in multiple positions including Purchasing Manager and as Executive Advisor and Facilitator to the President. In this role he had visibility of all of the key functional areas of the organization, allowing him to expand beyond the classic purchasing roles.

He was promoted to Vice President of Procurement in August 2014. In this role, he directs steel and prepaint purchases, inventory management, and pricing to ensure they tie into overall organizational strategy and customer operational plans. He enjoys working collaboratively with our sales team and customer base to determine the optimal supply chain strategies given the values of the individual customers.

Gary holds a B.S. in Management from The Georgia Institute of Technology, and is a Lifetime Certified Purchasing Manager (C.P.M.). He spent several years as Activities Chair for the ISM Steel Buyers Forum, and is a member of the Institute of Supply Management. Gary also actively participates in executive development with Vistage and Dale Carnegie.

In his tenure with Pacesetter, Gary has received both of the organizations highest honors: the Claudia B. Waters Award and the P.A.C.E. Award. He is actively involved in Boy Scout leadership and is an avid outdoorsman. He’s a native Georgian who is proud of his farm roots, his wife, and his two sons.

Michael Parker

Michael Parker

Vice President of Sales

Michael joined the Pacesetter team in June of 2015 as Vice President of Sales. A proven, award-winning sales executive, Michael brings over 25 years of sales leadership experience to Pacesetter. Michael is highly recognized in the industry for his cross-functional leadership with his proven ability to collaborate with others and facilitate change, unique problem solving skills, and innovative strategies while increasing companies' profits. He has led regional and national departments for Fortune 500 companies such as Reed Elsevier and Equifax, selling SaaS Software and Big Data.

Michael is known for his big smile, ready wit, open encouragement of his team members, and genuine concern for their successes. He grew up in the Yorktown, Virginia and holds a B.S. Degree in Political Science and Speech Communications from James Madison University. When not devising new sales strategies, Michael enjoys spending time with his two sons and two dogs, playing competitive racquetball, volunteering at his local church, coaching youth wrestling, and supporting disadvantaged children.

Betsy Nolan

Betsy Nolan

Vice President of Strategic Alignment

Betsy’s tenure at Pacesetter includes working directly with the Vice President of Finance, leading customer service initiatives as a Customer Service Manager, and a Director’s position focusing on inside sales support and corporate training initiatives.

Betsy collaborates with all areas of the organization ensuring that Pacesetter’s strategic goals and initiatives are aligned. She has been an integral part of the launching and success of many cross-functional initiatives throughout Pacesetter. She drives the Vivid Vision, our corporate strategy, and helps us truly innovate as an organization. Her positive attitude and work ethic has encouraged and inspired generations of new associates. She is a dynamic leader, an idea generator, and supremely represents the Pacesetter Family Culture.

Betsy is the recipient of Pacesetter’s prestigious P.A.C.E. Award, and the Claudia B. Waters Award. She has a B.A. from the University of Alabama with a double major in Asian Studies and American Studies. Upon graduating, she lived in Taiwan for a year studying Mandarin Chinese and teaching English as a second language at a private university. This is where Betsy’s love of teaching began.

When not collaborating and driving initiatives with high energy at Pacesetter, Betsy is busy with her three children who all participate in team sports. To keep up with her busy and active lifestyle, she runs in half and full marathons supporting various benefits and charities.

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