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Atlanta’s Local Steel Distributor & Supplier

Atlanta, Georgia is a major hub for steel supply distribution. With close port access in Savannah and a widespread railway system, it’s clear why this city is central to the southeast steel industry (and beyond!).

This very reason is why our first steel service center was built in Atlanta. In 1977, we officially began processing and distributing steel as Pacesetter. And just 5 years later, in 1982, our steel service center doubled in size before adding another 60,000 square feet in 1997.

Our Atlanta steel center delivers to Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee and South Carolina.

An Atlanta Steel Company

Since Pacesetter’s 1977 inception, we’ve expanded our Atlanta steel products and services quite a bit. We’re the premier flat-rolled steel supplier for industries including:

  • Residential / Commercial HVAC
  • Refrigeration
  • Agriculture Equipment
  • Electrical & Energy
  • Swimming Pools
  • Casket Manufacturing
  • Appliances
  • Railcars

With a long and trusted relationship with steel mills, we provide certain benefits that other steel distributors just can’t. This includes a reliable supply chain; visibility on POs, mill orders and delivery; and a short lead time for orders.

Atlanta Steel Processing Services

With four processing services — custom slitting, blanking, cut-to-length and toll processing services — available under one roof, we can handle any order request. Plus, our steel service centers are equipped to add beading and strippable too.

Steel Slitting

Our steel slitting services combine high-speed precision, full loop capabilities, a drag pad and roll tension stands to provide a camber-free product. Each slitter has packing lines for quick banding and packaging as well as protective film (strippable) and oiling.

Steel Blanking

Our steel blanking lines are designed to process surface critical material with tolerances of +/- .005” for width and +/- 0.015″ for length. And each line is capable of applying protective film (strippable) and oiling.

Steel Cut-To-Length

We provide precision cut-to-length equipment boasting length tolerances within +/- 0.015″ for dry and +/- 0.031″ for oiled steel. Our machines can produce processing-painted and surface-critical sheets, and each line is capable of applying protective film (strippable) and oiling.

Steel Toll Processing

We’re happy to dedicate a portion of our line time to process steel and other materials for customers who bring their own supplies.

Atlanta Steel Finishing Services

Our Atlanta steel service center offers three finishing options — prepainting, embossing and perforating — which can be added to any order you place.

Steel Prepainting

We supply prepainted steel coils and sheets made from flat-rolled steel. You provide us with the color sample you desire, we’ll match it to a precise degree. Don’t have one? We’ll work with the paint manufacturer to develop a paint system that meets your needs.

Steel Embossing

Our steel embossing service includes both coated and uncoated steel sheets. We’ll help you achieve your aesthetic vision with the right specifications.

Steel Perforating

We specialize in perforated steel sheet orders. Our perforators are finely tuned to match your needs – in diameter and pattern.

Atlanta Flat-Rolled Steel Products

Our product lines all begin with prime flat-rolled steel. You can choose from galvanized, galvannealed, cold-rolled, aluminized, stainless and bonderized sheet metal products. We can supply a wide variety of gauges, widths, grades and coating weights to meet your specifications.

Cold-Rolled Steel

Hot rolled pickled coils are run through a cold mill’s work rolls under tremendous pressure which transforms the steel into cold-rolled full hard steel. In order to make it fully processed, the cold rolled steel is then annealed to remove residual stresses and temper passed for improved shape and surface finish.

Aluminized Steel

Cold-rolled substrate that is hot dipped in an aluminum coating for improved heat resistance.

Stainless Steel
Steel containing a minimum of 10.5% chromium. Stainless is known for its high corrosion and heat resistance. Additionally, stainless steel is very low maintenance with an attractive appearance that doesn’t require additional treatments, coating or paint.

Galvanized Steel

Galvanized steel is metal that has been coated with a thin layer of zinc on both sides of the strip. This zinc coating creates a barrier between the steel and its environment, making it resistant to corrosion. Galvanized steel is ideal for a variety of industries, including HVAC, construction and appliances.

Galvannealed Steel

Galvannealed steel is metal that has been coated with a thin layer of zinc and then annealed (or baked) to form a zinc-iron layer. This coating offers terrific paint adhesion properties making it ideal for post-painting.

Bonderized Steel

Galvanized material that has a zinc-phosphate coating applied at the end of the producing mill’s galvanizing line. Bonderized provides an excellent surface for painting.

Common Questions About Our Atlanta Steel Service Center


Where is the Atlanta steel service center located?

We’re located at 1100 Shallowford Road in Marietta, Georgia.


How can I request a quote or put in an order?

You can submit a form here or call our experts at (770) 919-8000.

Does Pacesetter have other steel center locations?

Yes, we have steel service centers in Chicago, Illinois and Houston, Texas.

Our Chicago steel service center is located at 22351 Joshua Drive in Sauk Village. It serves Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin.

Our Houston steel service center is located at 10555 Wyman Gordon Drive in Houston. It serves Texas, Mexico, Arizona and California.

What are your order supply options?

For Pacesetter customers, we offer transactional and customized contract options. Our experts can discuss plan specifics with you.


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If you need high-quality steel for your next project, contact our experts today. We’ll discuss your project needs and provide you with the best quote. We offer a variety of steel processing services, including slitting, blanking, cut-to-length, and toll processing services. And we emboss, prepaint and perforate steel to your exact specifications. Pacesetter is your steel expert.

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