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Where Can I Find The Best Aluminized Steel Suppliers?

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If you’re looking for aluminized steel, start local. Chances are there’s a steel supplier near your city that can provide Type 1 and Type 2 aluminized steel – whatever your project requires.

At Pacesetter, we have three steel processing centers across the U.S.

    • Our Atlanta, Georgia steel service center has more than 60,000 square feet of processing space and rail access for speedy order deliveries in the southeast.


1100 Shallowford Rd | Marietta, GA | 30066770-591-5656
    • Our Chicago, Illinois steel processing plant, built in 1989, houses over 120,000 square feet of space right along highway 394 in the northeast.


22351 Joshua Drive | Sauk Village, IL | 60411
    • Our Houston, Texas steel center is a partnership between Pacesetter and Nippon Steel Americas, Inc. As our newest facility, it’s 130,000 square feet situated perfectly to service the southwest and Mexico.


10555 Wyman Gordon Drive | Houston, TX | 77095

What’s The Best Type of Aluminized Steel For Me?


Like galvanized steel, aluminized steel is hot-dip coated on both sides with 90+% aluminum. There are two types of aluminum sheets — Type 1 and Type 2.

Type 1

Type 1 aluminized steel is hot-dip coated in an aluminum-silicon alloy, giving the resulting sheet of metal high resistance to heat. Type 1 steel resists corrosion and warping even when exposed to extreme temperatures. Baking pans, water heaters, ovens and ranges, furnaces, and vehicle mufflers are commonly made with Type 1 aluminized steel.

Type 1, in addition to aluminum, contains between 5% to 11% silicon. This grade is used where heat resistance is required. Typical applications are dryer ducts, baking pans, ovens, ranges, grills, furnaces, heaters, fireplaces, and mufflers.

Type 2

Type 2 aluminized steel is hot-dip coated in pure aluminum. The process gives the metal superior protection for industrial applications like corrugated roofing and siding, grain bins, air-conditioner condenser housings, and even drying ovens.

Type 2 uses pure aluminum as its coating, and the coating is often thicker than that used in Type 1. End-uses include industrial cladding and jacketing over insulation, pipes that carry corrosive materials with steam or acids, storage tanks, grain bins, rooftop HVAC, corrugated roofing and siding, grain bins, drying ovens, and air-conditioner condenser housings. For any finished product that needs a thick, protective coating, Type 2 is the best option.

It has the strength and durability of steel (same steel substrate as galvanized) and the surface qualities of aluminum (corrosion resistance foremost among them). It is more economical than metals like stainless steel. Aluminized steel is also less likely to deform under heat than stainless. Aluminized standards are in ASTM A463.

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