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Advanced Steel Services


Advanced Steel Services: Slitting, Blanking, Cut-to-Length, and Toll Processing

Pacesetter is the premier steel service center across the country, specializing in comprehensive, advanced steel services. Our headquarters is in Kennesaw, GA, but we have service centers in Atlanta, Chicago, and Houston. 

Our advanced steel services start with taking premium steel products. Our approach to steel processing helps us eliminate waste and maximize the production yield of our raw steel. It helps us to offer better prices to our customers.

We specialize in a variety of types of steels, including:

Advanced Steel Finishing Services

No two clients are the same, so we start with a consultation for each client to understand the exact kind of steel they need and how they would like it to look. Steel finishing equipment takes skilled technicians to manage and process raw steel sheets and deliver a final product that clients can use for their project. 

Save money and receive the exact amount of steel you need finished to your specifications. We deliver steel finishing services, including:

Highly specialized machinery is needed to process and finish steel. Outsourcing the costs of production is not only more cost-efficient, but our steel technicians can accommodate your exact project needs. We also offer warehouse shipping, processing, storage, and distribution for your custom orders.

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Contact us to receive an accurate quote on your next project. Take advantage of working with a steel service center and, more specifically, Pacesetter, including:

  • Purchase a small volume of steel processed and finished to your exact specifications without investing in machinery, raw materials, or skilled labor. 
  • Access a variety of steel products for your small or mid-sized manufacturing firm.
  • Expedite manufacturing and assembling for your company. 
  • Analyze your operations to eliminate waste, and we’ll validate the specifications of your products for accuracy and cost savings. 
  • Continuous research and development in the steel industry, including supply chain, distribution, and manufacturing information technology. 

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