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Carbon Fiber vs Steel

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Many of our clients ask us how carbon fiber compares to steel. Although we may be biased, we can dive into how steel compares to carbon fiber. Let’s discuss the key differences between carbon fiber and steel. 

Is Carbon Fiber Stronger than Steel?

Carbon fiber is much stronger than steel in terms of strength to weight ratios. Carbon fiber is made of crystalline carbon filaments 100 times smaller than human hair, forming a tight, chain-like bond. The advantage of carbon fiber is that it is incredibly light with excellent tensile strength. Carbon fiber is an ideal course for many sporting goods, aerospace equipment, and more for its lightweight. However, carbon fiber cannot substitute for many steel applications. 

Carbon Fiber vs Steel Weight Comparison

Carbon fiber is about five times lighter than steel in terms of weight. Steel has a high modulus of elasticity of around 200 GPa. It is the ideal choice for many manufacturing projects for its rigidity and abundance. Carbon fiber has an 8 g/cm3 density, making it challenging for many machines to process. 

Does Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Have an Advantage Over Steel?

Comparing carbon fiber and steel is a lot like comparing apples and oranges. Although each has advantages and disadvantages, it all comes down to the application of the material that you want to use. Carbon fiber is lightweight, strong, corrosion and aging resistant, and durable. However, steel is environmentally-friendly, recyclable, cost-effective, flexible, and strong. 

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