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Why Choose A Custom Steel Fabrication Supplier

No matter the size of your project, custom steel fabrication ensures a quality product that fits your specifications. Custom steel fabrication suppliers can even present options you’ve never considered.

What is Steel Fabrication?

Steel fabrication is the process of bending and forming steel into parts for manufacturing. Fabrication can be as complex as a car body or as simple as a door hinge. Precision is key to ensuring a proper fit with other products. 

Fabricated steel is one of four different finishing types available for steel products. They are:

  1. Prepainting
  2. Embossing
  3. Perforating
  4. Fabricating

How is Steel Fabricated?

There are several ways to fabricate stainless steel. Speak with a Pacesetter expert to see what’s suitable for your project.


Welding combines pieces of metal by melting the base metal. This method is also used to bend pieces into different shapes.


Similar to welding, soldering works by using high temperatures to shape the metal. The key difference is that soldering doesn’t melt metal.


The machining process shaves away unwanted metal parts using lathes, mills, or drills until a shape is achieved.


Cutting is just what it sounds like: using tools like saws to cut metal into shapes. An alternative option is high-pressure water jets that produce similar results.

Uses of Fabricated Steel Products

Fabricated steel products are used for commercial and industrial projects alike. They offer both practical and aesthetic value to businesses. Let’s review common fabricated steel applications.


Fabricated steel can be found in household products like dishwashers, washers, dryers, lawnmowers, and more.


Whether it flies or floats, fabricated steel is used to create it. Ships used this steel in floors, stairs, ladders, hulls, and platforms. Planes use it for the aircraft body, doors, and turbines.


Fabricated steel is found everywhere on construction sites. From plates to piping, shovels, and even the trucks that transport fabricated steel!


The environmental sector also used fabricated steel. You’ll find it in solar panels, electric and wind turbines, and shields.

How to Calculate Steel Fabrication Costs

It’s important to know the cost of fabricated steel before jumping into a purchase. The most accurate way to calculate pricing is to speak with a manufacturer directly. They’ll give you exact pricing based on the scope of your project.

If you’re wondering about ranges, consider these factors.

  • Size of fabricated steel
  • Product availability
  • Steel grading
  • Proximity of location to a fabrication plant 
  • Delivery costs

We encourage buyers to get quotes from at least two suppliers to find the right price. Contact our team today for a specialized quote.

Advantages of Steel Fabrication


As one of the more cost-effective construction materials, steel is affordable from the get-go. But ROI doesn’t stop there. Its lightweight means lower shipping costs and less time transporting the product. Plus, steel’s strength means less material is needed overall. And the cost advantages don’t stop there.

Durability means less maintenance and longer time between replacements (30+ years!)

Sustainability means you can purchase recycled materials and sell old materials to be used again.


Structural steel has a shelf life of more than 30 years if properly cared for. This means businesses can focus resources elsewhere, knowing their building is safe.

While steel is already durable, the fabrication process enhances that longevity by coating the material with other alloys like zinc. 

Fabricated steel is an all-weather material. It’s resistant to corrosion, fire, water, and wind, making it a smart choice for businesses in the south.


Steel is 100% recyclable, meaning it can be infinitely recycled with no quality loss. Businesses with environmental requirements choose steel for its waste-friendless, energy-saving and endless lifespan.


Steel is 100% recyclable, meaning it can be infinitely recycled with no quality loss. Businesses with environmental requirements choose steel for its waste-friendless, energy-saving, and endless lifespan.

Need Fabricated Steel For Your Next Project?

If you need fabricated steel for your next project, contact our experts today. We’ll discuss your project needs and provide you with the best quote for our fabricated steel products. We offer a variety of steel finishing services, including perforating, embossing, and prepainting. In addition to perforating finishing services, we offer processing servicing, including blanking, cut-to-length, toll-processing, and slitting. We offer a premium supply of a variety of steel, including:

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