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Steel is one of the oldest metals forged by man, and remains to this day the most trusted and versatile material in manufacturing.

An alloy of iron, carbon, and other elements, steel is used for cars, construction, and dozens of other purposes—and has been since the Iron Age 4000 years.

While materials like wood have their purposes, as do newer materials like graphene, steel is not only reliable but the preferred material in a huge range of industries. For our part, Pacesetter manufactures and supplies quality steel goods, delivering world-class products to our customers.

Why choose steel, you may ask? Take a look at this material’s benefits to learn more about the integrity of steel, and Pacesetter products by and large.

1. Durability & Quality

Perhaps the number one reason buyers choose steel is for its durability. There’s a reason “tough as steel” is a popular analogy: steel constructions provide long-term strength, especially compared to wooden products vulnerable to termites, corrosion, or combustion.

In other words, when steel is properly processed and coated, it won’t rot, warp, crack, split, or catch fire. It provides strong structural integrity, weather resistance, and long-term strength wherever and whenever it is used.

2. Design Flexibility

Steel is certainly strong, but its flexibility is just as important — whether the end product requires machining, stamping, roll forming, welding or painting. The huge variety of steel products available, at Pacesetter and elsewhere, prove that its design flexibility is limitless, earning it the title “universal building product.”

The many industries that use steel, from automotive to construction, are also a testament to the material’s inherent flexibility.

3. Cost Efficiency

Money is an obvious consideration of anyone looking to purchase steel or partner with a supplier. Luckily, steel is known for its cost efficiency as well. That’s because steel is faster and cheaper to use, making for speedy, cost effective construction. On top of this, steel’s long-term durability lowers the likelihood of replacement and improves insurance costs.

Steel’s adaptability also means it can be changed or adjusted without much additional cost.

4. Recyclability

Another enormous benefit of steel is that it is 100% recyclable. Some steel mills (Mini Mills aka Electric Arc Furnace) are dedicated to use of recycled material. This means much of the steel used has been used before, and will be used again, without losing any of its inherent properties along the way. Today’s steel is made up of about 88% recycled product.

The use of recycled scrap makes for energy efficiency, too; in fact, recycling steel saves enough energy to power 18 million households every year.

5. Low Emissions

Naturally, energy efficiency means steel actively contributes to a low-carbon future by reducing overall CO2 emissions. It will be central in building a strong, sustainable society. In addition, “going green” has business incentives: good PR for your company, and tax deductions too.

Here at Pacesetter, we think it’s clear why steel is to your advantage, and the world’s. These reasons are just the beginning.

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