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The Power of RFID in Flat-Rolled Steel Tracking

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Radio-Frequency Identification, better know as RFID, is a cutting-edge technology that’s transforming the way flat-rolled steel is tracked and managed. It’s one of many tools in our vendor managed inventory service. By harnessing the power of RFID, we make it even easier for customers like you to keep projects flowing. So let’s talk about it.

For customers already familiar with RFID, we blend perfectly into your existing supply chain process. And for those companies interested in RFID, we can get you set up quickly.

We like to call RFID a “hands-off” tool for our clients. We track your supply, manage inventory and schedule new shipments. You get what you need, when you need it

Accurate Inventory Management

RFID technology gives us precise visibility into the inventory levels and availability of steel products like our flat-rolled steel. With RFID tags, we can access real-time information about the location, quantity, and status of products.

As a steel supplier, this helps us manage procurement more effectively, ensuring we have the required steel in stock when you need it. Accurate inventory management reduces the risk of stockouts, delays and costly disruptions that could affect you.

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Streamlined Procurement

RFID technology simplifies the procurement process for steel suppliers. By providing instant access to information on available steel products, specifications and pricing, RFID enables us (and you!) to make informed decisions.

We can easily identify the specific grades, sizes, and quantities of flat-rolled steel required, reducing the time and effort spent searching for suitable products. This streamlined procurement process saves both time and resources, allowing you to focus on other critical aspects of your project.

Improved Supply Chain Efficiency

Being a steel distributor, RFID technology enhances our supply chain efficiency so we can provide you faster service. We receive real-time status updates of steel products, and you can track the progress of orders, from processing to delivery, so there are no surprises.

This visibility help us anticipate potential delays or disruptions and take proactive measures to mitigate their impact. Improved supply chain efficiency ensures that you receive shipments promptly, minimizing downtime and maintaining consistent operations.

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Quality Assurance

Quality is a crucial factor when purchasing products like flat-rolled steel. We use RFID technology with our quality assurance measures. RFID tags can store important information about the steel products, such as manufacturing date, composition, and quality certifications. By scanning the RFID tags, anyone can verify the authenticity and quality of the steel they’re handling.

This ensures compliance with industry standards and regulations, mitigating the risk of receiving subpar or counterfeit products. Our customers buy with confidence knowing they’ll receive the desired quality of steel for their specific applications.

Efficient Traceability

RFID technology offers traceability so if there’s ever a recall or quality issues, we can quickly identify affected products. This facilitates quick communication between steel suppliers likes us and customers like you, ensuring timely resolution and minimizing potential disruptions to operations. Plus, efficient traceability also helps customers assess the origin of their steel, supporting sustainability and compliance efforts.

Common Questions about RFID In Steel Distribution

What industries does Pacesetter use RFID with?

We use RFID across a wide variety of industries including HVAC, agriculture, energy, appliances, transportation and more.

Does RFID cost extra?

No. We absorb the cost of RFID for clients who’d like to implement it.

What other steel products is RFID used on?

We use RFID with cold-rolled steel, aluminized steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, galvannealed steel and galvanized bonderized steel.

What locations offer RFID?

Our steel distribution center in Marietta, Georgia offers RFID. The location is 1100 Shallowford Rd Marietta, GA 30066. Give them a call anytime at (770) 919-8000.

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