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What’s Flat-Rolled Steel Used For?

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What Applications Require Flat-Rolled Steel?

Flat-rolled steel is the backbone of almost all industries. From automotive and construction to appliances and even consumer products. Why? It’s an incredibly versatile material that combines strength and durability to work in every situation.

And it’s why flat-rolled steel is our #1 product. These are just a few industries we supply flat-rolled steel to get the job done.

Electronics, Energy And Flat-Rolled Steel

The electrical industry uses flat-rolled steel for a host of applications. It has excellent shielding properties and it naturally dissipates heat, making it a suitable material for enclosures, switchgear cabinets, computer housings and more.

On the energy side, flat-rolled steel’s corrosion resistance and strength make it the perfect material for building wind turbines, pipelines and storage tanks.

Appliances And Flat-Rolled Steel

A quick peek in your kitchen and laundry room reveals just how popular flat-rolled steel is. Appliances like fridges, ovens, washing machines and even AC units use flat-rolled steel. With its malleability and durability, flat-rolled steel is chosen for high traffic areas in the home.

Automotive And Flat-Rolled Steel

What does every car buyer want? Safety, efficiency and aesthetics. Flat-rolled steel checks all the boxes. That strength and flexibility make it the ideal material for vehicle body panels, frames, suspension systems and even bumpers!

Construction And Flat-Rolled Steel

Perhaps the most obvious use of flat-rolled steel is in construction. It excels in both indoor and outdoor applications, making it a versatile material for every building project. You’ll find flat-rolled steel in decking, roofing, doors, windows and more.

What Else Is Flat-Rolled Steel Used For?

Now that we know how flexible flat-rolled steel is, what are some other applications? Here are some little-known uses of steel, including some flat-rolled steel:

  • Musical instruments like drums and guitars

  • Sports equipment like bicycles or golf clubs

  • Roller coasters including the tracks and safety restraints

  • Art installations like sculptures and water features

  • Mailboxes

  • Waterslides including framework

  • Parade floats

Can you think of any more uses for flat-rolled steel?

The Flat-Rolled Steel Process

Producing flat-rolled steel is a complex process. It takes quite a few steps to transform raw materials into the sheets, coils and strips we supply. Let’s talk through the big 3 steps;

Step 1: Melt, Refine and Cast

Raw iron ore is melted down to molten which is then refined to remove impurities. This molten steel is then cast into slabs for further processing.

Step 2: Heat And Roll

Whether a slab is fully cooled or is still red-hot, it will need to be reheated to the optimal rolling temperature. These heated slabs are fed through rollers to flatten and shape them, also known as hot rolling.

Side note: cold rolling is an additional option where hot-rolled steel is put through room temperature rollers to reduce thickness even more.

Step 3: Cut And Shape

After the flat-rolled steel has been melted, refined, rolled and coated if needed, it’s time to finish and/or process it. Some options include:

Common Questions about Flat-Rolled Steel

What are the benefits to using flat-rolled steel sheets?

There are many benefits to flat-rolled steel – part of why it’s such a popular choice for projects! We love this material for its:

  • High tensile strength

  • Versatility

  • Weather Resistance

  • Reliability

What’s the gauge range for flat-rolled steel?

Thickness can span from 1 all the way to 30 depending on your project needs.

What processing services can be used on flat-rolled steel sheets?

We provide slitting, blanking and cut-to-length.

What finishing services can be used on flat-rolled steel sheets?

We offer pre-painting, embossing and perforating.

Where can I purchase flat-rolled steel?

Flat-rolled steel is our #1 product. We have steel service centers in Atlanta, Georgia; Chicago, Illinois and Houston, Texas. Contact us or call (770) 919-8000 to get your order fulfilled.

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